Keep Your Smile Safe while Playing Sports

What would it be like if you suddenly found yourself missing a few teeth? Did you know that if you play sports, this is a real possibility? To help you keep your smile safe, we recommend wearing a mouthguard when you play any sport. Please don’t misunderstand; this includes contact sports like hockey and football,… Read more »

Your Guide To Dental Filling Options

Dental fillings shouldn’t be something to worry about. Dental fillings mean you’ve taken the right steps to remove tooth decay and replace it with another material, ensuring your teeth stay healthy and strong for years to come. Today our team is going to show you three common filling options to help ease the stress of… Read more »

Tooth Beliefs

Throughout the thousands of years of human history, ideas about traditions, beliefs, and cultures have changed with time. The same applies to the dental world; here are a few interesting beliefs people used to have about teeth. The Perilous Tooth Worm A Sumerian text from 5000 B.C. is the first to mention a tooth worm…. Read more »

6 Facts About Osteoporosis And Oral Health

Osteoporosis makes the bones in the body weak and brittle, but there are treatment options for this condition. However, some of the medications for osteoporosis treatment can negatively affect the health of your jaw. Here are 6 facts about osteoporosis and oral health. Antiresorptive agents are commonly used to treat osteoporosis, but they can cause… Read more »