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A chip, fracture or crack in one of your teeth can leave you with an unappealing smile. Even if the tooth in question wasn’t damaged enough to expose the sensitive dentin layer, you will still need to address the area. In a situation like this your dentist might recommend a cosmetic bonding procedure to seal the damaged tooth before decay can set in, while also restoring the tooth’s appearance.

Cosmetic bonding is a relatively simple procedure where the area is repaired with a durable resin based material.

At the initial consultation, the dentist will inspect the tooth to make sure there is no decay or damage to the dentin layer. This might involve taking x-rays of the area.

Once it has been confirmed that the tooth is completely healthy the dentist will use a shade guide to find just the right color to match the natural enamel of the damaged tooth and the other teeth in your smile.

They will then lightly etch the tooth to provide a tactile surface for the resin to adhere to. The resin is then applied and hardened using ultraviolet light. The dentist will then shape, contour and polish the tooth to match seamlessly with your natural enamel.

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