What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is one of our simplest treatments, in which our dentists make repairs to your smile by applying a restorative material directly to the surface of your tooth. Dr. Romeo and Dr. Cardenas are able to complete dental bonding in a single visit to our dental office. Dental bonding is ideal for making minor corrections or small improvements, such as closing gaps between teeth, lengthening unusually short teeth, or fixing breaks and chips. We will work with you to determine whether dental bonding is right for your smile.

How is dental bonding done?

To complete dental bonding, our team will first clean and prepare your tooth, generally with a bonding liquid. This roughens the tooth enamel to facilitate a stronger bond with the restorative material. Our material of choice is composite resin. Composite resin is a durable plastic, and the color can be matched to your natural tooth shade. It is soft like putty when first applied and is molded and sculpted onto the prepared tooth. Once completed, your new tooth is hardened and polished. When taken care of properly, dental bonding in Macclenny, Florida, can last for many years. If you are interested in learning more, please give our office a call. We are excited to improve your smile!