What is a dental bridge?

If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge may be an ideal way to restore your smile. Dental bridges are permanent dental appliances that are designed to literally bridge the gap created by a missing tooth. When you look at a dental bridge, it looks like a row of teeth. Dental bridges are traditionally made out of two dental crowns and a false tooth called a pontic. The pontic is anchored to the gap by the dental crowns, which are cemented over the teeth on either side of the gap. Our dentists offer many types of dental bridges for all of your tooth replacement needs.

What types of dental bridges are there?

We offer dental bridges to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, and front teeth. Dr. Romeo and Dr. Cardenas will help you determine whether a dental bridge in Macclenny, Florida, is the right option for your and which dental bridge would help meet your needs and goals best. No matter what kind of dental bridge you choose, you can be assured that it will fit properly, feel comfortable, and look just like your natural smile. Contact us today for more information on dental bridges. We hope to hear from you soon.