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In order to make sure that your smile receives the care it needs, look out for new and interesting ways to keep your teeth and gums strong by applying effective treatments as soon as possible. By having an effective replacement treatment plan in place, you can help restore your smile should any incidents arise associated with lost or missing teeth.

One of the biggest benefits derived from replacing missing teeth is via improvements in your oral hygiene. Oftentimes with missing teeth, they can leave your mouth susceptible to further damage including the buildup of plaque in the recesses left behind. Not only that, but tooth slippage and gum destabilization can occur. Missing teeth can also cause issues with your chewing and speaking skills as well as issues with bite stability. However, with reliable prosthetics such as dental bridges, these problems can be reversed.

Dental bridges are anchored to other teeth through a process to which they are attached without ever having to be placed on your jawbone. Furthermore, dental bridges can provide decades of support before restorations or repairs may be required. Once dental bridges are in place, they can hold strong and allow you to enjoy all the foods that you love, as zero food restrictions may be necessary.

If you would like an oral exam for dental bridge enhancements with Dr. Margaret Romeo or Dr. Kathryn Cardenas, please set an appointment to come see us at our dental office in Macclenny, Florida. We can be reached at the dental practice of Margaret L. Romeo, DMD by calling 904-259-5007.