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Has bruxism ever affected any members of your family? Although it is not often seen as a genetic disorder, it is possible that family members may experience bruxism due to similar lifestyle choices. Fortunately, bruxism can be treated with the help of mouth guards and night guards while you sleep. Although bruxism can occur when you are awake, it is most often linked to damage while napping.

Bruxism is a normal health condition that arises due to an unconscious grinding of your teeth. This is dangerous because grinding your teeth together will wear them down and lead to further damage, including tooth enamel damage and potential chipping and cracking. Furthermore, a temporomandibular disorder may develop in your jaw due to the constant stress being placed on it.

Common symptoms and signs that bruxism is present include damage to your mouth and facial area that is noticeable when you wake up. Examine your mouth when you wake up to determine if any damage has occurred. This includes monitoring any chipped or cracked teeth, increases in sensitivity, indentations on your tongue or your inner lining of your cheeks, difficulties opening and closing your mouth, and jaw pain and muscle soreness in your facial area. If you display any of these symptoms, you may have bruxism.

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