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Dentures are considered the tooth loss equalizers because they can so easily replace missing teeth safely and naturally. Dentures can even be adjusted and replaced easily, as they are entirely removable, unlike dental implants and bridges. Additional benefits of dentures include the following:

– Dentures are fashioned to replace a single tooth or a few at a time, called partial dentures, or even entire rows of teeth, referred to as complete dentures.
– They are easy to clean because of an easy to remove technique that allows for stress-free soaking every night.
– They can be easily taken out and upgraded or replaced as necessary.
– Dentures seek to save your smile, which will make social settings and your work environment more successful, as well as repair your self-esteem and work to promote a positive self-image.
– They can recover speaking, chewing, and eating skills that have become lost or impaired due to tooth loss.
– Missing teeth can change your face and make it look weaker, often due to a collapsed facial structure, which can be amended with dentures.
– Dentures can be molded to fill in gaps and spaces left behind by missing teeth. If left unchecked, these voids would be able to cause nearby teeth to swing as well as increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

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