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You might think that by the time you have reached your teens, all of your permanent teeth have come in. However, you are not quite done since the last of your teeth called wisdom teeth, usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. They are called wisdom teeth since they come in when a person is more mature. If there is not enough room for these new teeth, they are referred to as impacted teeth.

There are three kinds of impaction. If the crown of the teeth has come through the bone but is partially covered by your gum, it is a soft-tissue impaction. A partial bony impaction occurs when a part of your wisdom tooth is still in the jawbone. With a complete bony impaction, the entire tooth is still inside the bone.

Although in some cases, an impacted wisdom tooth may not be found unless you have a dental x-ray, some symptoms include pain, swelling, an infection and damage to your teeth and gums. Your wisdom teeth will need to be removed if they are coming in at improper angles and damaging your other teeth or if there is not room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth. Partially-erupted wisdom teeth can become infected with bacteria and plaque. And of course, wisdom teeth can fall prey to cavities. Your dentist will talk with you about surgery for your wisdom teeth after an x-ray and exam.

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