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Would you like to get an oral piercing? Do you ever think about how these piercings can affect your health? In reality, oral piercings can have a fairly serious impact on your oral health. For example, would you be surprised to learn that these piercings—no matter where they’re located—could actually pose a threat to your teeth and gums?

When you have a piercing, you could have to deal with chipped or cracked teeth. You see, your teeth will probably hit any piercing you may have. While some people think a chipped tooth may not seem like a serious problem, would you be surprised to learn that a cracked or chipped tooth can actually cause many different dental problems, such as cavities, sensitive teeth, and gum disease?

Moreover, your piercing itself could cause several other dental problems. In fact, having any part of your mouth pierced will leave you more susceptible to infections. Unfortunately, these oral infections can be fairly serious because they can cause swelling in your mouth and throat. If this happens, you could have a difficult time breathing. Similarly, the jewelry attached to your piercing could harbor harmful bacteria and germs. Again, this could leave you much more vulnerable to a variety of illnesses.

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