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When striving to keep your smile in good health, it’s important to be aware of all helpful oral health services that could further enhance the quality of your smile. For example, have you considered dental sealants? These plastic resin shells can help you lower your risk of cavities on the molars and premolars. Receiving dental sealants helps to protect vulnerable back teeth from developing tooth decay.

The tooth enamel that covers all of your teeth provides a protective layer to stop bacteria from reaching your inner tooth structure. Dental sealants provide an additional layer of protection for the chewing surfaces of these teeth, which often have deep pits and grooves and can be hard to clean. Teeth need to be healthy in order to be candidates for dental sealants, so you may need to speak with the dentist about correcting any oral health problems in advance.

Once you have received dental sealants, you need to develop and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine to support the dental sealants in protecting vulnerable back teeth. Though molars and premolars can trap a lot of bacteria and residual food, a daily habit of proper dental care can enable your dental sealants to serve your smile for as long as ten years.

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